How to Clean Your Laser Printer

While using your printer, you also need to know about its maintenance and the ways of increasing its productivity. For instance, a printer can get blocked thereby affecting the performance of the printer. The printing quality gets deteriorated and damages the printer in the long run. This is why cleaning your printer is so important. While printing, the printer accumulates millions of tiny dots which in turn form images on the paper. The most important factor for this is the toner. While printing, your printer releases small particles of toner dust which get stuck. For ensuring that no problems will occur, the dust has to be cleaned up from time to time. The cleaning process can be carried out manually as well as with printer software.

Materials Needed:

– dry cloth
– printer software FOR automatic cleaning.
For manually cleaning, the first task is to unplug your printer.
Step 1
Then remove the internal paper trays and the cartridges one after the other.
Step 2
Properly clean the toner with a dry cloth.
Step 3
Carefully clear out the printer mirror and remove all the paper fragments from inside.
Step 4
Clean out the rollers without touching the sponge roller. Just these small steps and your manual cleaning is complete.
For automatic cleaning through printer software, it is even easier.
Step 1
You just need to open the printer software and then opt for print from the file menu.
Step 2
From the printer software, select troubleshooting and printer utility button.
Step 3
Certain instructions will appear on the screen. Just carry them out and your job is done.
Step 4
Apart from that, do not forget cleaning the outer case with water and soft cloth as per the printer manual.
Step 5
Even cleaning the cartridge and ink nozzles is also a major part of this cleaning process.
Step 6
Cleaning a printer can solve the minor problems and also maintains the print quality. So it is just the best to make simple cleaning for once in a month and for a deep cleaning once a year. It is good to take the cleaning approach at the expense of few minutes, one that saves your machine.